Jul 16, 2005

Never forget the little things

First off, I seem to be the only "on" one posting stuff 'cos I'm on the com most of the time at home working on my long-overdue assignments and I tend to be quite a hermit - am sociable, but don't make it a point to socialise. Just clarifying that I'm not a geek! Not really.....

OK, I was supposed to post this on my site after the last Reefwalk, but since we have a Blog now, and since the next Reefwalk is just 'round the corner, here it is!

After the last Reefwalk on 26th June, I was scratching my head and wondering why kids are so fascinated by the tiniest of hermit crabs while we 'adults' are only moved by larger or more colourful or rare creatures. My 'kids' that Sunday played with hermit crabs from the start of the walk till the end, not bothered about the nudibranch or butterflyfish that the grown-ups were going goo-goo-ga-ga over.

Photo by Danwei (Changi Beach, 08.06.05)

On my long journey back home that day, I pondered on this and took a time capsule back to happy days as a child. Then suddenly, it hit me like "oh ya hor..." My brothers and I used to love picking up every single shell on the shore in Malacca or PD (especially cowrie shells that we could use as 'congkak' pieces) to check if there was a hermit crab living in it. I guess that's the start of the fascination - like the same feeling you got when you bought a packet of Tora or Ding Dang and found a free toy inside. So finding a hermit crab living in one of the many shells you check out is truly a treat for a kid.

Next comes the excitement of examining this 'treasure trinket' - just waiting for that little guy to pop his head out, or stick out his claws. It's like he's playing that 'chak' hide n seek game with you. If you were a leeeeettle more curious like my brothers were, you'd also hope the crab might decide to crawl out of the shell completely so that you could see what his butt looked like and go "Kewl!".

So mystery solved. The mystery is in the mystery itself - the enigmatic charm of the shy and anti-social crustacean. So the next time one of our participants gets all excited about the plainest looking or most common creature on the shore (or even mud), don't go all blase-been-there-done-that on them! And never forget the little things...


fLoGgiE said...

Hi GreenGarden,

Talking about assignments, me also long-overdue. However, need to prepare for reefwalk on 24 July. 100 participants and only 6 guides and 3 OJTs, not to mention that bernie & me are guiding first time... and MS & Daniel not there !!!

The rate the number of participants growing, very soon we need bigger island to hold the participants. Like what my boss always say "Its a good problem".

Cheerio, lets continue to make people aware that there is live on Singapore's reefs and that with proper care, they will continue to be there for the next generation of Singaporeans

fLoGgiE said...

"the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself", Chief Seattle, 1854

kukubird said...

Eco-centric, prosper you will... Homo-centric, doomed you are! -Chief Yoda, 2005

kilbunny said...

i like the last bit bout how we shouldn't do the 'been there done that' thing on participants. have to constantly remind myself to pause if the participants wanna stop to admire the brain coral (even if i'm itching to move on.. to other things that move). reefwalk is something we're privileged enough to enjoy, and as guides, we're fortunate to enjoy a part of the world (okey, maybe just island) that others barely know exist.

greengardn said...

Maybe I'm just really tired, or I had too much wine (ya, I was finally forced to drink a glass @#$%^), or too much coffee to counter the wine... but I have no idea what Floggie & bluebird just said.

Floggie, I had to guide solo at the last walk! Tip: Grab an OJT to assist you before any of the other guides get 'em!

bluebird, you didn't get a "nude" one, but hey, now we've got a bunny!

kukubird said...

Yea.. a bunny who loves cat, and makes sensible comments ;)

greengardn said...

System finally cleared. Now I get it! Yes, ALL your comments are sensible! I just couldn't make sense of it earlier :op

Glad to see more guides sharing views!