Jul 18, 2005

"Ridge"-walking at the Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail

Hmmm... yes yes, time for me to put thoughts into words and words into actions.. Though me not a good writer like greengarden... hmmm...

Today, the reefwalkers have gathered again, set to a different tune, MS, Bernie, Darius, Doreen & Lotus and I went to the Pasir Panjang Heritage Walk. In conjuction with the Heritage Fest this month.

It was an amusing sight to see the various nature guides coming together to go for the same walk: Chay Hoon from Wildfilms (new celebrity on TNP :), some nature guides at Bukit Timah, and of course, us from Reefwalk.

So anyway, off we went with our guide of the day - Wendy (familar eh, well... she was one of OUR participant at reefwalk the last time! She is also one of the project managers of this walk) Check out the photos MS took with his latest toy of Wendy in action...

Our guide of the day, Wendy, briefly explaining the battle of Pasir Panjang
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Along the way, Wendy told us some interesting facts on certain plants.. like how the wasps live and breed in fig tree flowers (like our snapping shrimp-goby and sea anemone-clown fish relationship :) How the foreign talents (smilax) threaten our local species.. (somewhat like our reef eh... ), etc..

However, it was the wild pepper plants that had caught the attention of little Lotus, perhaps it's because they're right on the floor so it's easier for her to get her hands on it... Lotus, like her mom being really keen to learn started to copy down what I wrote on My paper...

Ahh... So much to learn
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Along the canopy walk.. We saw some beautiful sun birds busy feeding on flowers... Tiup-tiup, Tembusu, wild cinnamon, as well as the rubber trees. Lotus being her usual self, was busy going around building up on her collections for the day... While Darius, as you can see, was extremely happy to have finally found a seat... :D

Darius - first time on Kent Ridge canopy-walk (exhausted smile)
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Of course us being the older beings, again, tend to look at the bigger stuff, so we're just discussing about how nice it would be to have a place at The Peak (condominuim that was part of the backdrop at the canopy walk) with birds calling you to wake up every morning... and how we can have our gathering there... *dreamy mood*

Ermm... anyway... sooo... moving on...

Yummy.. Indulgence of Bukit Chandu!
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Yes.. the inviting sight of nice cold ice cream was our reward at the end of the trail... Thank you Doreen for the treat!

Then into the Heritage part we went - Reflections at Bukit Chandu..
The presentation was brief, but this is the cool part that I must show!

Reflections - artistic shot by Bernie
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So, as we ended our trip at the well of reflections, with Bernie still craving for her first cup of coffee, I felt greatly satisfied to be reminded that we're living in Singapore...
Where things are too orderly, but peaceful..

With a parting note:
Life is not a rehersal
We live only once
Live life to the fullest!

Hope that you have been enriched with our writings...


greengardn said...

Don't forget the dramatic love story of the male wasp sacrificing his life for the female. Aawww! We must research good stories like this for our walks instead of my Corn-can-kill-a-bird jokes man...

Pity the rest couldn't join us. We had a great day, yeah, yeah?

Papa Jeff said...
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