Jul 4, 2005

WalK Log = KLOG

Thanks Bernie for the reminder.. If Web Log is BLOG, Walk Log should be KLOG :)


greengardn said...

Klog...Easier to pronounce than Wlog, but sounds very Neanderthalish, like "Uhh... I Thor, you Klog...eat meat" I'm member #2! "Aunty Guide" has no idea how to use this blog that's why I'm only leaving a comment :o)

kukubird said...

You people should listen to how "Auntie Guide" say those Neanderthalish lines! LOL

greengardn said...

Hey... I just spotted other Klogs! They're known as Knowledge Blogs. Oooh.... Besides WalkLog, we can also be KuLog... Kusu Log! :op