Oct 19, 2005

BWV Meets The People

Last Saturday, we had our first BWV-MTV (Meet The Volunteers) session. Admittedly, things did not go exactly as expected. The "MTV" was planned as a chance for people to meet the Blue Water Volunteers - the people behind the scenes, and to learn more about the structure, history & goals of BWV. It was also a time to show our appreciation to those who have supported us along the way - participants from past ReefWalks & ReefTalks, Reef Friends, photographers, trainers, advisers, guides, all the kind hearted people who have helped in one way or another, and many more.

We did not receive a huge crowd of members of the public, and a rather small showing from the many Blue Water Volunteers themselves. I guess it was just a bad day with many students having exams, teachers having stacks of papers to mark, others having other commitments? Thanks to those who DID take a few hours off on a Saturday afternoon to make it! And many thanks to the kind folk at Fuji Xerox who let us use their uber cool place as our venue!

We actually met quite a few new trainee guide sign ups, who came to find out more about BWV & ReefWalk. One of them, Tuttle, even bought the CJ Guidebook & Southern Shores pamphlet in preparation for this week's field training sessions! Good for you... already score brownie points on my report card! Others did a bit of networking, exchanging contacts, informing attendees about the call for a marine park in Singapore, etc.

The ReefExhibits booth was of course present, as well as our die-die-sure-can-see ReefExhibits display of amazing photos from our shores by Ria - the same photos that attracted many people like me to Wild Singapore and BWV in the first place. No doubt pictures really do speak more than words, but we still need YOU to be there to bring it to life with real life stories.

But where have all our volunteers gone?

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