Nov 9, 2005

laughter in the rain.

nov 5 was a special day for a couple of reasons, namely because i like that day, and mostly because it was our RW family day. the time where guides bring their families and nag about not taking sea-shells home and where new trainees tag along to learn the ropes. and where else better to spend a lovely saturday evening than in the serene, scenic shores of Kusu?

"i toldcha today is JUST FOR US"

"i'm a yellowbird today.. u can see me from far far away.."

there was a huge turnout of about 90 participants, mostly guests of guides and trainees. considering the massive downpour of cows and donkeys in the morning, we were all quite happy for the clear skies in the evening walk. it was pretty encouraging to see so many new trainees, all of whom i don't recognise. doesn't matter tho', different people, same heart for our environment. i'm a bit annoyed with dusk walks because the sun seems to disappear too fast before i can talk enough about the sand and why sea shells should be left to hermit crabs.

(pix from chee han & may)
anyway, we saw a net in the lagoon stretching from the shore all the way to the breakwater. and 2 flowercrabs stuck in the net, apparently still alive. bernard said his group saw 5 flowercrabs and a flatfish which was half-gone. unfortunately we didn't have any means of setting the crabs free but i had a perfect specimen to talk about soft-shelled crabs. i always love the stunned silence after they find out soft-shelled crabs are poor, vulnerable crabs who just wanna grow bigger. this crab that was stuck in the net snapped at us quite menacingly after i tried to prod it to see if it was still alive. we also saw a number of carpet anemones, the most interesting one was in the midst of eating a couple of ikan bilis and an entire crab! that definitely kept my group entertained for a while. and to think that it eats with and excretes from the same place... was asked how the gentle-looking carpet anemone could actually devour such a huge crab, hard shell and all. teaches us not to judge anything by its appearance huh. (especially the female species). fascinating things, carpet anemones. especially when they're in the process of eating some ridiculously huge things like crabs, fish, shoes, itchy-fingered participants...

chee han & may spotted a peacock anemone in the darkness, submerged underwater with its tentacles swaying gently with the currents. proof that anemones aren't all that ugly and squishy looking after all. this particular one is one of the nicest i've seen in our southern islands.

our overstayers (i.e. campoverniters) saw 3 ghost crabs on the beach later that nite. prettiest things ever. one was blur enough to think that its shell camouflaged with the sand so well such that the 7 eager beavers crowding around couldn't see him. it scuttled away quite fast the moment our orang asli (aka MS) put it down. now such long long eyes you have, grandma crab? why, all the better to see you with my dear...

no reefwalk's ever complete without food, critters and company (in order of importance)

food never stops. very rude ar, this photographer, take pix of people with their mouths full. but i must say, the boat ride back to clifford pier took a different route, and we were treated to a nice sea view of our classy, overpriced cbd buildings.

i've always loved boat rides. especially those on scenic routes. p/s: thanks to ivan and MS for most of the pix! :)


kukubird said...

For you to dedicate your birthday to RW family & friend day says a lot! Thanks for the good company that day, pal.. Be a nice bunny, don't bite! :)

chengpuay said...

Hi guys,
Heh ignorant me did not know you all have such a cool blog! Thanks very much for guiding us and for all the nice food and a good time! :)