May 2, 2006

More than 1000 visitors to the reef!

On 30 Apr 2006, the Blue Water Volunteers celebrated their 1000th visitor to Kusu Island's ReefWalk! It's especially special because this is the 14th public ReefWalk and... BWV was formed on the 14th of February, 2004! and ReefWalk on the 14th of November :)

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This is a significant milestone for the BWV, as we are still new, young (at least at heart), and of course still a lot to learn. Not to mention that all volunteers have their own full time commitment, be it in work, study, family etc. Having guided more than 1000 people to the reef in their backyard, in less than 1.5 year, is definitely something worth cheering for. It also shows how much people love us :D

Of course these can never been done without the support of our very own volunteers. Commemorating our 1000th visitor rewards the effort and countless hours you put into training, meeting, preparation, emailing, etc. to make all these happened. And most importantly, it acknowledges our passion, faith, and whatever we've done for what we love...

Coexistence of nature and development, and human who trying to seek balance between

Special thanks must also go to our sponsors WildSingapore and PADI-AWARE. Without their funding, we would not achieved our primary objective, which is to raise public awareness on the marine environment of Singapore, and produce a cool breed of guides, who manage to translate complicated facts into digestible information for their laymen visitors, as well as making learning fun and exciting.

To sum up this post, let's see what some of our visitors said:

"It has been a really intriguing and enriching experience! Thanks for organising and look forward to more", Ying Ying (the 1000th RW visitor :)

"WOW! Seeing coral without diving - great, awesome!", Ranee

"This is an excellent walk! Well worth the 'waking up at an unearthly hour'! It's amazing how much nature & marine life exists in S'pore. Thank you for organising the walk", Seetha

"Thanks for bring alive a seemingly dead place! We had fun!", Ber Luen & Gwen

Well.. We thank you all for your support!

*Akan datang* Look out for the personal account of this special walk from Papa Jeff, the papa of BWV and RW.

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