May 1, 2006

Out with Teachers with St Anthony's Primary (29 April 2006)

Yes, BWV reef guides were out once more at Kusu Island on 29 April 2006 with a group of 24 teachers and their families from St Anthony's Primary. The school had asked BWV to organise the reef work as one of the activities of the school's Science Department' s 'Environmental Awareness Through Care and Protection' project this year.

It was great to be with these enthusiastic teachers who decided that at least for that morning, they're on the listening end of the talk. Besides the usual marine life found at Kusu, this time we saw an exceptional number of Portunus pelagicus a.k.a. Flower crabs. However, none of the crabs are for picking.

Well, we didn't spot any dugongs during the walk. Dugongs were previously common and there were some encounters in local waters. But we're hopeful that with increasing environmental awareness and polution controls, some will take permanent residence one day the waters off our Southen Islands.

We also had a group of BWV ReefWalk trainees who were there for their practical test! And four of them will be awarded their certificates of graduation at the next public ReefWalk on 30 April 2006. And if you're wanna know more about becoming a ReefWalk guide, visit our website or drop us a note.

The rehearsal (by kukubird):

Welcoming us were the common sea stars (Archarster typicus)

Trond explains the stars
Yong Xiang talking about the Napolean's Hat seaweed (Avrainvillea sp.)

The anemone shrimps (Thor amboinensis) checking out on the budding reef guides
Our first sighting of a sandfish sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) at Kusu!

Sasirat showing a hermit crab(?)

I can live here, forever..


pinto said...

Wah! I wouldn't have imagined my teachers doing anything like this when I was a student at St Anthony's.

nan said...

the trainee guides (i spose now full-fledged guides already) were really good! i mean, they know their stuff and came very well-prepared. very impressive. well done!!