Jun 11, 2006

Post ReefTalk Reports...

BWV ReefTalk 29th April 06 - Green & Marine by Dr Shawn Lum

Are seaweed/algae plants? Is seagrass related to the grass on land? Shawn clarifies the 'myths' of marine primary producers in a light hearted & engaging slide show.

Shawn & his formidable brolly! Who needs a laser pointer?

Da audience is listening...mainly walk-ins into the library. I think it's Shawn's characteristic flowery shirt that pulled them =o>

Our beautiful posters of local marine life & habitats! The neatest display ever! Many Thanks to library@Orchard for hosting us!

ADEX 2006 - 21 to 23 April

The response has been really good for BWV at ADEX! Hope more of the people in Singapore as well as out of this 'lil red dot have been enlightened by all the effort from volunteers who tirelessly talked & shared our amazing shores & marine life to those yet seen or heard. Thanks lots to everyone who putted in to this event!
(inclusive of those who presented, those gotten ill 'cause of too much talking &/or forgoing their meals, those who helped transport, set up & packed up REx, those who supported us despite the inability to come down to crowded
Suntec on a weekend, etc.)

Day 2 (22 Apr) RT Part I Zeehan on Nemo & Neighbours

Yes, it's Da Face of BWV giving her signature Nemo talk!

Ms REx (ReefExhibits) doing what she does best!

Caroline (booth volunteer) & her BWV-marine themed shirt

Vincent (booth volunteer) delightfully 'entertains' the patrons of our REx

More queries, more sales, more interest from da people

Day 2 (22Apr) RT Part II Jeff on Life as a Marine Biologist

Quote: "Let's welcome Da ONE & ONLY MARINE BIOLOGIST in Singapore!!!"
In case you are wondering, Jeff is NOT the only one here ok.
Not to mention the swarm of local marine enthusiasts around!

Da ever popular 'Play our game' game was a hit at ADEX!

Avid fans of Some local Dive Federation, awaiting excitedly for the presentation to start

The fan base stretches to the right row

For her hard work, our REx coordinator won a highly sought after lucky draw prize! So did many of our booth volunteers & members. Come volunteer & maybe you'll be
inflicted with the good luck!
*Disclaimer: BWV does not guarantee the striking of any lottery, ToTo, 4D
or any personal bets made by a volunteer.

Day 3 (23Apr) RT Part I Jani on Uncovering Spore's Submerged Secrets

Ms ReefFriends addressing the future of our nation

A captivated audience!

Day 3 (23 Apr) RT Part II Ria Tan on Life on the Edge

Our honorable guest speaker Ms WildSingapore starts dispensing her 300 worth of slides!

In the beginning, there were a few...

...which grew to a few too many!
(Actually they were awaiting the results of the hourly lucky draw,
but then again if the ppt/photos were lousy, people would'nt bother to listen anyway right right??)
Well, let's just say we have good strategy to attract the masses heheh =ob

Yes, we do have reefs & amazing marine life in Singapore!
You can find them on our mainland, northern & southern islands!
Check out http://www.wildsingapore.com/places/index.html

Playing the 'Play our Game' game, winning prizes & of course our lovable Gillian

Grace introducing the OCEANS to a young booth visitor

Dividing the spoils after 3days of exhibiting, presenting & talking non stop.

BWV ReefTalk 3rd June 06 - Jocara Indian Ocean Quest by Caroline Durville Potter

Caroline shared with the audience ups & downs of living on board their sailboat, Jocara and related exciting stories & adventures from the Potter family's Indian Ocean Quest.

Missed the talk? Dig up more on the online diary @ www.jocara.net

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