Dec 1, 2006

More news on Southern Island development plans

Channel NewsAsia 30 Nov 06
Villas and marine park are possibilities for the Southern Island development, say experts
By May Wong

At least one angle talks about preserving the marine environment around Kusu and adjacent islands... I suppose that is good, though I don't see how building resorts, spas, golf courses (??) or an artificial rainforest can take place on such a small island without adversely affecting the already stressed out coral reefs there.

Based on this line in the news article- "
This comes after the Singapore Tourism Board revealed it wants to get ideas on how to develop the six islands. They include the Kusu, St John's and Sisters' Islands.", the authorities want your input and ideas! If you care about the marine diversity of the Southern Islands, do take the time to speak up on their behalf.

Email or start a post on the REACH website. To contact STB, submit an email through this form-

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