Sep 25, 2007

Dress up as your favourite plant or animal!

Or fungus, protist or bacteria...who are we to discriminate eh? Plus get to meet Jane Goodall in person!

Here's the blurb from the organisers:

Greetings from the Jane Goodall Institute, Singapore!

You are invited to join Dr Jane Goodall and friends at an event to advocate for our wild plant and animal species at The Singapore Wildlife Stampede on November 2nd at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Join in the parade dressed as a plant or animal, or just come picnic at the Palm Valley and see Dr Goodall in person.

Let us know you are interested by emailing: Elizabeth or Lynette

Or register on-line at our website

Act for Earth!

Join the Singapore Wildlife Stampede on November 2 led by Dr. Jane Goodall (primatologist and conservationist) and her friends. Suitable for kids 5 to 95!

Parade: 4pm Jacob Ballas Children's Garden en route to Palm Valley, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Picnic: 5pm Palm Valley, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Dress up as your favourite endangered plant or animal and advocate for our wild habitats!

Bring an eco-picnic and see Dr. Goodall in person with her chimpanzee mascot, Mr H.

For more information and to register,

To find out more about Dr. Jane Goodall and her work, check out

Help us make this an eco-friendly event:

BRING re-useable drinking bottles, natural mats not plastic, & homemade picnic food

- reduce picnic disposables & litter

- reuse old materials for costumes

- recycle after parade

Help us create a better awareness about our fragile Earth and her endangered wildlife.

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